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We offer a full-time program for children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age. We also offer before and after-school programs.


Monday-Friday from 6:00 am to 6:30 pm.

Core Values


School Pick up

Before and After school Pick up from Meridiana Elementary and Bel Nafegar Sanchez Elementary


At Future Explorers Academy, we feel it is imperative to have the most innovative curriculum to provide to our explorers. Therefore, we have decided to utilize the Teaching Strategies Curriculum.

Nutritional Meals and Snacks

Our full-time students will be provided with a healthy breakfast, lunch, and up to three snacks daily. Breakfast and snacks will also be provided to our before/after school Explorers.

Strategy & Mision

Our Future School

Tuition by Age Group


Our Events

At Future Explorers Academy our mission is to provide interactive and exciting events to our explorers and their families.

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Face Painting


Face Painting


Face Painting


Face Painting


Face Painting


Cocodrile Encounter


Cocodrile Encounter


Face Painting

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Cocodrile Encounter


Cocodrile Encounter


Wild Dinosaurs

Fun and Learn

Wild Dinosaurs


Wild Dinosaurs


Wild Dinosaurs

Fun and Learn

Our Founders

Sarah and Margaret met when Sarah was a director at a prior daycare Sarah and Margaret developed a bond throughout those first moments of Margaret’s son’s life. It is our goal to partner with parents and ensure they know we are there to help them and to provide their children with love, safety, security and excitement.

Sarah Mashuga-Day

Director / Owner

Margaret Madariaga


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Future Explorers Academy going to be located?

Future Explorers Academy will be located at 10522 Iowa Colony Blvd. located in Meridiana.

When will Future Explorers Academy be open?

We are anticipating the building will be complete and ready for our Future Explorers in Early 2023. When construction begins, we will be able to provide a more detailed timeline.

Will there be a sibling discount?

Yes, a 10% credit will be applied to the additional sibling’s tuitions costs.

What will the hours of operation be?

Drop off will begin at 6:00 am and the last pick up will be 6:30 pm.

When will pre-registration begin?

Pre-registration is now open. Fees vary based on the program.

Does Future Explorers Accept NCI benefits?


Will there be smaller teacher student ratios at Future Explorers Academy?

Yes, in order to ensure our teachers are able to provide quality education to your child we believe it is imperative to maintain lower ratios. While many daycares preach this, we at Future Explorers Academy believe it is imperative to not overwhelm the teachers so they can provide individualized care to each child.

Will there be live stream cameras?

Future Explorers Academy will have secure live streaming cameras for parents. We are looking into using PB&JTV for this service.

What type of curriculum will Future Explorers Academy Utilize?

We will be using Teaching Strategies. To learn more, click on the curriculum tab on our home page.

How can I apply to become a Teacher at Future Explorers Academy?

We will open a hiring portal on our website by August 1, 2022. All applicants must have a minimum of 3 years of early childhood education experience. CDA is preferred. References will be verified as well as applicants passing a fingerprint and background check.

Will you offer any other types of programs such as a part-time program?

Future Explorers Academy is looking at offering a 3-day program to families in which they get to pick the days they want their child to come to Future Explorers Academy. Parents will be able to change their scheduled days by providing two week’s notice in advance. The part-time program will cost $100-150 less monthly than the fulltime program.

What type of playgrounds will my children have access to?

Future Explorers Academy will have two large playgrounds. We will also have gardens so our children can learn how our food is made and observe the beauty of nature in our monarch butterfly garden.

What type of Languages will my child learn at Future Explorers Academy?

In our infant and toddler programs we begin teach our Explorers ASL to assist them in communicating their needs. We will teach our Explorers Spanish, and we are looking into other language courses to bring to our children in the future depending on parent interest.

Will meals be provided?

Yes, we will have a chef preparing healthy meals and snack options for our explorers. This includes Breakfast, Lunch and up to 3 snacks per day.

Will I need to provide nap mats?

No, at Future Explorers Academy we know life can be hectic. That is why all our Explorers are provided with nap cots with sheets and a blanket that are laundered by our staff. Our Explorers do not sleep on nap mats that lay directly on the floor.

Will there be a discount for first responders?

Yes, we will apply a tuition discount of 10% for our first responder families including nurses.

Will there be a discount for teachers?

Yes, we will apply a tuition discount of 10% for our families who are teachers in Alvin ISD, Angleton ISD, Brazosport ISD, and Pearland ISD.

What is required to reserve my child’s spot?

Complete the Pre-Registration Form on our website and pay the supply fee to reserve your child’s spot. The supply fee is $200 per child for full-time enrollment and $100 per child for before/after school enrollment. Pre-Registration Form

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On the corner of Iowa Colony Blvd. and Iowa School Rd


+1 (979) 308-0557